Ep366: Smile -WGT

Review starts at 11:15

Turn that frown, upside-down, idiots! Rejoice! For we have graced your unclean ears with yet another episode of the Who Goes There Podcast! This week we’re talking about the grossly over-promoted, 2022 film: Smile.

We’ve heard your shrill, nasally complaints. And while, by and large, we don’t give a shit, some valid points were made. We’ve made a slight tweak to the format of the show. A lot of the front-half jaw-flapping has been moved to Patreon.

While we fully understand that we produce gold on a weekly basis, some have complained the show has too much personal talk before the review. We understand this can be challenging for new listeners.

New episode will be shorter, with a greater focus on the review itself. The entire list of things we’ve watched and our personal banter will now exclusively be available to the fine folks at Patreon. Please bare with us as we fine-tune all this.

Tune in next week for our review on 2022’s Hellraiser!

Artwork was once again done by the incredible Cal Gee. Go follow him on instagram.


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