Ep380: Infinity Pool – WGT

Ohayo, ya cucks! Matt is finally back from Japan and you know what that means… absolutely nothing. I mean, we’ll be releasing 4 episodes based off of Japanese films, but for this week, it means nothing.

We did record an episode on that new Brandon Cronenberg movie Infinity Pool about two years ago. So we should probably release that. You know how we feel about Cronenbergs over here. Well, aside from Rhett wanting to have weird sex with them. Do we feel the same about this movie? Only one way to find out.

There’s actually a few ways to find out, but that doesn’t sound as fun. Any who. Listen to the new episode. Or don’t. Or maybe you go to hell, you go to hell, and you die!

Artwork was once again done by the incredible Cal Gee. Go follow him on instagram.

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