WhoGoesThere?! Podcast Episode 3 – Inside (w/ special musical guest Amigo The Devil)

vhs2Welcome back to another riveting episode of the WhoGoesThere?! Podcast! We have a great episode this week, we had a full studio for our special musical guest Amigo the Devil. We get really drunk, and discuss the 2007 French horror film Inside. We hope you enjoy, tell your friends, follow us on Twitter.

Note: There is a small technical issue at the 36:23 mark where we lost a minute or two of audio. If you’re interested in what happened in the film, keep reading.

The police arrive and comfort Sarah, at which point you catch a faint glimpse of “the woman” entering the house in the background. The police tell Sarah they’ll check in on her through the night, Sarah then falls asleep and you see a silhouette of the woman standing next to her. Sarah wakes up just as the woman melts into the shadows.