Daylight vs. ReLive, Two “Bump in the Night” Type Games

daylightI wouldn’t say I’m afraid of the dark, more so afraid of what could be lurking in the shadows. I allow my mind to play tricks on me, create monsters and demons out of coat racks and tree branches. This and the idea of solitude are my two biggest fears, and very soon there will be a two new games to help me on my path to cardiac arrest.

Problem is, they essentially look like the same game. (We’ll post trailers for both and let you decide)The first game, “Daylight“, from the makers of the (horrible) Saw games is a procedurally generated supernatural horror game where you’re lost in an abandoned hospital where something lurks in the shadows. It appears the only light comes from a flashlight on your cell phone. It looks terrifying (alone, check, in the dark, check), and thanks to its randomized environments, every playthrough it guaranteed to be different from the last.

The game arrives on PC and PS4 on April 9th, but if you’d like to grab it at a discount, it can be pre-ordered on Steam for $9.99 (33% off its original $14.99 price tag). Doing so will also unlock its soundtrack.


If this doesn’t float your boat, or if you’re too busy with Titanfall, Stick of Truth, or one of the other amazing games recently released, and don’t think you’ll be ready by April; you may consider “ReLive“. What is ReLive? Trapped in a building, alone, in the dark, unarmed, the only light coming from a camcorder, zippo lighter, or your Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone (suck it Apple). Feel like you’ve heard this all before? Say, I dunno, when Outlast came out, or Slender? Check out the trailer below.


If you would like to support the game, you can do so on its Kickstarter page.

Regardless of how many time’s it’s been done, the feelings of isolations and uncertainty are incredibly effective at drawing shouts from grown men. Which one is getting your money? For me, it’ll be both.