Take a Look At Silence of the Sleep

silenceofthesleepWe try to cover all things horror here, and we don’t cover a whole lot of video games, but we’re pretty excited for the Silence of the Sleep. It’s a 2D adventure horror game, being developed by one guy. It’s a real survival horror game, in the sense that you can’t fight, you run, hide or die. Creepy music, dirty environments, weird creatures, fills my black heart with joy!


Daylight vs. ReLive, Two “Bump in the Night” Type Games

daylightI wouldn’t say I’m afraid of the dark, more so afraid of what could be lurking in the shadows. I allow my mind to play tricks on me, create monsters and demons out of coat racks and tree branches. This and the idea of solitude are my two biggest fears, and very soon there will be a two new games to help me on my path to cardiac arrest.

Problem is, they essentially look like the same game. (We’ll post trailers for both and let you decide) Continue reading

“ObsCure” Horror Series Coming to Steam


Aside from Haunting Ground, my favorite obscure survival horror game for PS2 was ObsCure. ObsCure played out like your typical cheesy horror movie, a group of kids, of varying social circles (jock, nerd, slut) are stuck at their school while everyone else is gone, and crazy shit happens. Fear not children, for both ObsCure, and it’s sequel (ObsCure: The Aftermath) are coming to Steam next month! Now let’s just hope they keep the multiplayer so my brother in law and I can continue our nerd beating ways.