First Teaser Image For Five Nights At Freddy’s

FNaF3_2-620x400Earlier this month, indie developer Scott Cawthon confirmed the potentially imminent return of Freddy Fazbear and Friends with the very first teaser image (left) for Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, and now we have another. As far as I can tell, the latest image doesn’t reveal much. In it, we see a box of animatronic parts resting beneath a giant 3. Pretty straightforward.

Sega’s Altered Beast To Become Movie?

altered beastVariety reports that, as Sega looks to turn more of its videogames into other forms of entertainment, it has hired former Break Media executive Evan Cholfin to lead those efforts.

Cholfin now serves as head of development and production at Tokyo-based Stories International, a joint venture of Japanese gamemaker Sega and Hakuhodo DY Group (the world’s seventh-largest advertising agency) that was launched to produce films, TV shows and entertainment for digital platforms in 2011. Continue reading

Telltale’s The Walking Dead’s Clementine Gets Sweet Action Figure

CLEMENTINE-682x1024Fans of Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game is about to get a physical version of the game’s protagonist, courtesy of McFarlane Toys!

The official website for AMC’s The Walking Dead revealed that McFarlane Toys will be introducing ‘Clementine’ to their line of Walking Dead action figures, writes (Photos in comments)

The “Clem” action figure marks the first time a character from Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game series has been produced. Exclusively from Skybound, the Clem figure will be available in both Full Color and in Blood Splattered Color versions.

The figure will come with backpack, pistol, and hammer. Continue reading

Dead Rising Coming to the Big Screen…Kinda

dead-rising-e3-2006-pic4-2It’s hard to believe that Dead Rising made its debut on the Xbox 360 eight long years ago. It was the reason my wife and I even got an Xbox 360, and now, six games later and we’re finally getting a feature-length movie adaptation.

Now before you get too excited, you should know that this won’t see a theatrical release. Instead, it will premiere as a timed exclusive on Crackle, Sony’s VOD platform, before it’s made available on-demand elsewhere and on physical media. Continue reading

Dead Island 2 Comes to California!

Dead-Island-2We here at Who Goes There Podcast love Zombies, well, I love Zombies, Matt is known to completely shit on lots of zombie movies (Listen to the Podcasts with me in them and you’ll see!)

I am a huge fan of the bugged game Dead Island, so I was super excited, but a little confused when Techland announced Dead Island 2, to be launched around the same time frame as their other game that is almost the same thing Dying Light. Continue reading

DOOM Teaser spotted!

Doom_4_PhotoUnless you live under a rock, you know the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3, was this weekend in Los Angeles. Showcasing some of the latest and greatest in mainly video games. And since we all love horror and gore, we here at Who Goes there Podcast felt it was our DUTY to keep you in the loop about some of the best horror games announced this year.

This year Bethesda Softworks showcased The Evil Within  and while I was really excited for that, another game that I’ve been playing for YEARS has what appears to be a new sequel! That’s right, that game we all know and love, DOOM!!!! Continue reading

Do You Feel The Evil Within?

The_Evil_Within_boxartThe Evil Within is a game that has had me personally excited since it was announced last year. It’s got everything we love to see on this site. Gore, Thrills, Horror, and more GORE! Sadly, we weren’t able to attend E3 to play this game, but there were definitely a lot of people praising this game’s demo for being about to scare the intestines out of them.


Continue reading

Idiot Girls Attempt To Kill Friend In The Name of Slenderman

slendermanIn news that is once again stirring up the “Video Games=Violent Kids” debate; two stupid ass 12-year-old girls from Waukesha, Wis. were charged as adults Monday for the attempted first-degree intentional homicide of another 12-year-old. Police say the crime was inspired by the horror mythology of Slender Man, an urban legend that gained wings as an online meme.

Continue reading

Who Goes There Podcast Episode18 – Boardinghouse SPECIAL GUEST?!?!?!

DUNE, Sting, 1984Well, hello children!

Have we got a treat for you today. Matt already spilled the beans but we *somehow* managed to convince Edmund McMillen (YES THAT EDMUND) to come on the show. We talk about future Team Meat projects, Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Sting. Screw you, we love sting. We review, sort of, the cinematic glory that is Boardinghouse. So go on, grab a beer sit back and enjoy the show.

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Bloody Disgusting Previews Upcoming Horror Games

CF_1Since the first episode of the Who Goes There Podcast, we’ve talked about our love for horror video games, and flirted with the idea of doing a video game themed episode (very soon). put together a sweet list of crowd funded, horror games to keep you shaking in your huggies. That is, until The Evil Within comes out. Check out the list here.