Guinea Pig Franchise Getting Americanized

guineapigFangoria has reported, The Guinea Pig Series; the notorious Japanese mock-snuff-film series that prompted an FBI investigation at the urging of Charlie Sheen is being revived in the United States, and we’ve got the first info.

From 1985’s Devil’s Experiment through 1988’s highlight compilation Slaughter Special, the seven-movie GUINEA PIG series showcased hideous acts of misogynistic violence, winning plenty of controversy at home and abroad. Stephen Biro, whose Unearthed Films brought the GUINEA PIGs to U.S. DVD, has now given Fango the scoop that he’s producing an AMERICAN GUINEA PIG series. “Many have tried to copy them,” according to Biro, “but few have approached their very grim core. Unearthed Films is bringing the white-hot tip of unrelenting gore, unparalleled atrocities and unmerciful slaughter back into the mind’s eye of all the horror fans who dared to see what the originals were truly about.”

The first entry, Bouquet of Guts And Gore, will be directed by Biro himself, with The Theatre Bizarre and Circus of the Dead’s Marcus Koch creating the makeup FX and Deadbeat At Dawn and The Manson Family’s Jim VanBebber serving as cinematographer. VanBebber will also star in Bouquet along with 2nd-unit photographer Rogan Russell Marshall, Scott Gabbey and hiphop artist Eight the Chosen One; horror musician/filmmaker Jimmy Screamerclauz will handle the sound design.