So Many Awesome New Toys!!!

i_love_toys_by_flyart420God, I love toys! I spend entirely too much money on them, and I’m about to spend more on these bad boys!

Continue reading to get a sneak peak and upcoming releases for a new 8-bit Jason from NECA, a son of Frankenstein from Mezco, as well as toys from Day of the Dead, Psycho, Beetlejuice, Resident Evil, and American Horror Story!

8-Bit NES Jason from NECA

Figures reports that NECA is taking two of their newest figure formats and mashing them up for a new Toys”R”Us exclusive.

Below you’ll see the Mego-Style of the Classic Video Game Appearance Jason Voorhees!

Using their popular 8″ Mego-style figure body, NECA delivers a unique NES video game version of Jason as seen on their hit San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Friday the 13th Jason.

The figure features a real cloth outfit, removable hockey mask and three weapons of camper destruction: axe, machete and speargun. This surprise figure is hitting Toys”R”Us stores now.


Son of Frankenstein by Mezco

Following the success of their Universal Monsters Frankenstein, Mezco opens their laboratory door and reveals the “Son of Frankenstein” limited edition figure.

This 9″ scale Frankenstein boasts ten points of articulation and is covered with scars from his assembly. Perfectly capturing the iconic look of the classic film, the monster wears a genuine simulated fur tunic with cloth sleeves. He stands atop his signature boots, towering over other figures.

Only 500 of this exclusive “Son of Frankenstein” figure are available worldwide, so get yours before the villagers do!

This Mezco New York Comic Con Exclusive is a Limited Edition. A select number of collector’s items will be available online beginning August 22nd.

T-Virus Replica by Hollywood Collectibles

Hollywood Collectibles’ accurate prop replica of the T-Virus from Resident Evil includes replicas of both the virus and the antidote from the video game adaptation, this collectible includes an aluminum display case with a clear top adorning the Umbrella Corporation logo for exhibition purposes. Each vial is a little over 5-inches long, and includes internal LED’s for individual illumination. You can pick up the whole package for $199.99 here, but act quick: this set is limited to 1,250 pieces, making it a tried-and-true collector’s item essential to any RESIDENT EVIL die-hard.


Bub (Day of the Dead) by Amok Time

Amok Time’s “Bub” figure from DAY OF THE DEAD! Standing at 7 and 1/2 inches tall, “Bub” features seven points of articulation, including ball-joints in his head and neck for maximum screen-accurate posing! Accompanied by a deluxe diorama and multiple accessories—including a “reward bucket,” headphones, tape recorder, gun and razor—you can add “Bub” to your undead collection for $29.99 here.


Norman Bates and Marion Crane (Psycho) by Living Dead Dolls

Standing at 10-inches tall apiece, this set of two includes both a removable wig and knife for Norman, as well as a Bates Motel towel for Marion. Furthermore, Bates also comes with the screen-accurate pants underneath his dress, as well as collectible box artwork customized for each character! You can pair up with these PSYCHO characters for $89.99 here.


Beetlejuice by NECA

The ghost with the most is finally available as a head-knocker (a/k/a bobblehead), adorned with the officially licensed image of Michael Keaton for the first time! Sitting atop the Maitlands/Deetzes house at 6-inches tall, the BEETLEJUICE head-knocker is available for $18.99 here.


“Rubber Man” (American Horror Story) by Funko

Funko announced a line of American Horror Story POP! figures, and we decided to feature the most iconic of the bunch: The Rubber Man from AMERICAN HORROR STORY: MURDER HOUSE. Standing at the standard 3 and 3/4 inch tall, this vinyl and latex replica of the first season apparition brings the character in its most adorable form yet. For $9.99, you can get this figure just in time for Halloween here.