Death Waltz Releasing Silent Night, Deadly Night & Christmas Evil Soundtracks on Vinyl

deathwaltzsilentnightdeadlynightcoverDeath Waltz Recording Company has just released the soundtracks to the 1984 Christmas slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night as well as the 1980 horror flick Christmas Evil, both on vinyl. Each soundtrack has been released in limited quantities.

Silent Night, Deadly Night will be released on a double LP and will be limited to 400 copies worldwide. One disc will be transparent red/solid white split while the other will be transparent red and green. A super limited edition of one disc transparent red and one disc transparent green will be made available for record stores. The liner notes will feature entries from composer Perry Botkin, co-executive producer Scott Schneid, and writer Michael Hickey.

Death Waltz founder Spencer Hickman tells Dread Central:

Botkin’s score is both chaotic and tragic; crashing sounds of distorted percussion are punctuated by both synth and acoustic piano, reflecting the sheer damage that has been done to Billy’s mind. The end result is both emotional and terrifying, even more so with the selection of original Christmas songs as composed by Morgan Ames. But a word of caution: If you don’t have Silent Night, Deadly Night on the turntable this Christmas, we’ll have to tell Billy that you’ve been… naughty. Consider yourselves warned.

Christmas Evil will also be limited to 400 units worldwide and will be pressed on a pink sparkle 10″ vinyl. The liner notes will be by writer/director Lewis Jackson and John Waters.

Head below for the artwork of each album: