Ep272: Host & Impetigore – WGT

Buenos dias, all my little nose goblins! Your favorite international sex symbols are back with another episode that is just bulging with greatness! We know you have a hard enough time taking in our usual, above average content, so this week, we’re doubling it! That’s right! It’s time for another double episode!

The internet has been all abuzz because someone made a movie about Zoom, and you know, it’s timely. So we submitted and did an episode on the 2020 Shudder original Host. (Review at 19:55) The thing is, Host is only 50 minutes long; that’s just the foreplay baby! After we get you nice and ready, we’re gonna just shove a whole ‘nother episode in there! We’ve got another Shudder original Impetigore!

Let it not be said that we aren’t loving, giving… podcast hosts… Also Rhett has a huge dick. Enjoy the show! Happy birthday to Alia, as well as Jorge’s son Micah.

If this is as exciting as it gets, we’re in big trouble, dude. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 272!

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