This episode we get into Korean auteur Park Chan-Wook’s modern cult classic, OLDBOY,  which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a limited theatrical re-release. It’s a tale of revenge, obsession, torture, and terrible truths. It’s also got one of the most influential single-shot takes in cinema history, involving a hammer.

“You really are the very monster I created, aren’t you? But you won’t find out the “why” of this if you kill me. Fifteen years of being curious would go to waste. You want to torture me, but I can simply kill myself first. Do you want revenge, or do you want the truth? Revenge is good for your health, but pain will find you again.”
It’s the Who Goes There Podcast Episode 394!

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Ep163: Revenge – WGT

Hey there, jerks! We recorded a totally amazing show for episode 163, full of insightful analysis, well crafted jokes, heart warming moments and even some deep, personal reflection. Unfortunately, we accidentally deleted it, so we’re a little bit late this week, and we’re giving you this episode instead. Joined by our good buddy Mick Shear from the Co-Operatives, we’re giving you all our thoughts and opinions on the newly released rape/revenge film…Revenge. Please, you listen.

And you can tell all your scum friends that things are gonna change in this town. I’m not just another pretty face. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 163!

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