Ep83: The Greasy Strangler – WGT

the-greasy-strangler-4_1_origBullshit artist! We just survived 5 days of the Horrible Imaginings Film Fest and we have a lot to talk about! We’re joined by the haomie Jon Condit from DreadCentral to recap all the highs, lows, and late beer fueled nights from the fest. Then hold on to your mouse heads because shit is about to get greasy! That’s right, you hootie tootie disco cuties! We saw The Greasy Strangler and we shot 6 ropes and dribbled out a little of the clear stuff! Don’t be a dildo, give it a download! This morning she was inside a coffin at the funeral home, and now she’s here in my kitchen! It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 83! See you next Tuesday, cunts.


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