You’re back! That warms our hearts. There’s a lot of crazy shit going on, as usual. Rich people getting their boats flipped by Killer Whales, rich people getting yeeted into soup after imploding in a janky-ass submarine equipped with a cheap gaming controller as a navigation device while trying to visit the Titanic, a mercenary insurrection in Russia. Yes, it’s a wild time to be alive. We suppose this has always been the case though. 

This episode we dive into DEADSTREAM, a found footage horror/comedy revolving around a recently disgraced Youtuber who’s willing to do anything to get his followers back. For those who haven’t seen it the movie is currently available to stream on Shudder. 

“Your reality is already half video hallucination. If you’re not careful, it will become total hallucination.” It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 385!

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