Ep 86 – Dog Soldiers – Who Goes There Podcast

dog-soldiers-wpuBoys become men, men become wolves. We become drunk and talk about horror movies! Such is the circle of life. That’s right, jerks! It’s that time of the bastard week for another episode of the Who Goes There Podcast. We’re flapping our beautiful maws about our recent write up in Rue Morgue magazine, killer clowns, fupas, Dolph Lundgren, dolls come to life, probably some kind of penis/vagina talk, and the best werewolf movie of all time Dog Soldiers. New merch on the way, Frights and Pints on the horizon, dicks out for Harambe. Half gin and half vermouth. We’ll sprinkle the vermouth over a female toad and we’ll drink the gin; it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 86! See you next Thursday…cunts.


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