Ep 94: Beyond the Gates – WGT

beyond-gates-fbHe’s back! After a few weeks away doing Missionary work in Guatemala, Chris Franco is back on the Who Goes There Podcast! Boy, did we have a fun time!

We talk buttplugs, Gremlins, and what you’re allowed to call Snake Plisken. We then unknowingly shit on the movie we’re doing next (without having seen it), talk about how Japan has made chowda spooky again, Matt tries to make it through an entire episode without cussing, and we also have a wicked case of the giggles. Oh yeah, then we get rad with a 2016 flick that wears its 80’s influence on it’s sleeve, Beyond the Gates!

Send anyone, just don’t send anyone you want back. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 94!

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