Ep 110: The Devil’s Candy aka The Devil’s Donut

In an attempt to keep things exciting, we’ve been doing a lot to avoid trailers here at the Who Goes There Podcast. Recently we all saw a trailer for a film called The Devil’s Candy and thought, “That looks bad ass! We should do an episode!” and here we are.

It seems like a safe bet, right? I mean, the devil must have some killer candy if he’s able to lure the likes of J.F.K., Emmanuel Lewis, and Lawrence Welk down there. Well fuckos, we watched The Devil’s Candy while doing the devil’s dandruff. Buckle up.

I am going to be miserable here. There’s no swimming pool, there’s no shopping malls, there’s no cable. Bet you don’t even have a TV. This sure ain’t Beverly Hills; it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 110!

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