Ep252: Verotika – WGT

Follow me, as I reminisce about a time long ago known as 1993. I was ten years old, in fourth grade, and really wanted to wear my clothes backwards like Kris Kross. MTV had a show called the “Top 20 Video Countdown” and everyday for months the top spot came down to a battle between Collective Soul’s “Shine” and a video of a hairy, shirtless man, yelling about children walking on his lawn. That second video, was my introduction to Glenn Danzig.

Fast forward 27 years and the North Side King’s biggest fan has written and directed a movie adaptation of a comic book he wrote a loooooong ass time ago. The angsty little ten year old inside of me was ecstatic. Then the movie was referred to as “the horror equivalent of The Room“. That movie, is Verotika, this episode is on that movie. (Review at 35:47)

Chris is back again! There is no way Chris would ever forgive me if we covered Glenn Danzig’s first film and he wasn’t involved. Get ready, this shit is fun!

Y’know, sometimes I look at these gorgeous-looking chicks, I mean the ones that look like real knockouts, sexy and all… and I wonder… have they listened to the Who Goes There Podcast episode 252?!

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Who Goes There Podcast Episode 48 – Goodnight Mommy

GoodnightBannerGather ’round children, for this is the epitome of podcast excellence! We’ll be accepting your nominations for the podcast awards, effective immediately. We’ve got our buddy Irish on the show to talk about calcified fetuses, drinking corpse water, murder mansions, dick & fart jokes, way more singing than we have business doing. We also get around to talking about the new German psychological thriller Goodnight Mommy. Did you ever think your parents might be lizard people? Were you a bad boy who needed a good spanking? Did you ever wonder if your mom gave dad a blowjob before she kissed you goodnight? It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 48.

This movie isn’t out just yet, so BEWARE CHILDREN, THAN BE SPOILERS!

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