Ep 237: Bliss – WGT

Did y’all ever watch a movie called Prayer of the Rollerboys? It’s this early 90’s gem starring Corey Haim about a gang of rollerbladers who wear trenchcoats and peddle this weird drug called “mist”. This week’s film has nothing to do with that movie, except both introduced us to fun new drugs! In fact, this week’s film teaches us that the best way to deal with a creative block is to do lots of drugs and have sex with everyone you meet!

That’s right, dorks; this week we will be discussing Bliss, (review at 34:06) the new film (and drug) created by Joe Begos, the mind behind Almost Human, The Mind’s Eye, and the forthcoming V.F.W.. If you’re familiar with Joe’s work you know you can expect lots of pretty imagery, lots of trippy visuals, lots of blood, and I can assure you, there are more than a couple of sweater kittens. Perhaps you need something more to float your boat? What if I told you that this movie stars our bae, Jeremy Gardner. Yeah, Jeremy Gardner from The Battery.

Oh, did I mention Alia is here?! She’ll be briefly running down her opinions on the episodes she’s missed, then we’ll talk about a whole bunch of other stuff that ultimately means nothing in the blink of an eye that is human existence. Hey, I think I’m starting to get pretty good at this existential dread thing.

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They call me Dick, but you can call me… Dick. And I’ll call you a dick if you don’t listen to the Who Goes There Podcast episode 237!

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Who Goes There Podcast Episode 64 – Peeping Tom w/ Lauren Ashley Carter

large_4RkY9VdGOH0bQtEmhdAjgYQYSCwWhat’s up, jerks? Chris wasn’t able to make the show this week, but we found an incredible fill in, friend of the show, Ole Shit Mouth herself, Lauren Ashley Carter. She skyped in the day before a big surgery to get drunk with us, tell us about the interesting places she finds inspiration, her adaptation of Basket Case, and her new films Darling and The Mind’s Eye. Then we all definitely have some thoughts and opinions on 1960’s Peeping Tom. How many times does Lauren mention vaginas? Do we ever find out what happened to Chris? Did we only do a movie from the 60’s because the Say You Love Satan Podcast said we mostly do newer movies? Lots, yes, and no, but check them out and tell them we did.  My teeth have begun to fall out. The medicine cabinet is now the Brundle Museum of Natural History. You wanna see what else is in it? It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 64!

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