Think You Could Survive The Purge?! Find Out in The Purge Breakout

THE_PU~1The Purge Breakout, an immersive real-life horror-escape experience, will travel throughout the United States this summer, offering fans an opportunity to step inside the world of the film franchise The Purge, Universal Pictures announced today. The Purge: Anarchy arrives in theaters nationwide on July 18, 2014.

In The Purge: Breakout, it’s the annual Purge Night, when citizens across the country exercise their right of anarchy. Your group is being held captive Continue reading

New Trailer For The Purge: Anarchy

THE_PU~1On July 18, The Purge: Anarchy returns with much more violence on a much larger scale. Moving from one family’s home, to the streets of L.A. (at least that’s where it was filmed) for an annual event where all crimes become legal for 12 hours, and all emergency services are shut down. On the night of the Purge, a man sets out to get vengeance from the man who killed his son, but becomes compelled to assist a mother and daughter who were taken from their home, along with a couple left stranded on the highway, in surviving the night. 

Teaser Trailer Posted for The Purge: Anarchy

In “everyone is doing it, so why don’t we?” news; the first look at The Purge: Anarchy has been posted in the form of a teaser trailer and a few stills. So it was either post this, or the “hip hop” version of Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achey Breaky Heart”, and no one wants that.




The Purge is set in the year 2022, in a world where crime has been completely abolished, except for once a year, where anything goes for 24 hours. Purge: Anarchy will see the chaos move from home, to the streets.

“A couple are quickly trying to get to their home before The Purge starts but their car runs out of gas, the radio announces the beginning of The Purge, the couple have no choice but to leave their car, a couple of meters away stand a group of Purgers on motorcycles. The couple try to survive and fight the purgers.”



Keep an eye out for The Purge: Anarchy, in theaters June 20.