Who Goes There Podcast Episode 63 – They Look Like People

they_look_like_people_posterWhat a return to form this episode was! If you’ve been missing us being drunk and silly and saying stupid jokes then this episode is for you! We’re joined by the always excitable Alia, after a day of beach drinking and sleep deprivation we get together and blow the roof off this mother! Bad jokes and sexual innuendos aside, we talk about Daredevil, the best way exercise a demon, off key “singing”, and the new psychological horror film from Perry Blackshear, They Look Like People“. Also, we talk about our Frights & Pints charity event benefiting Pin Ups For Pitbulls, and our limited black metal Taylor Swift shirt to benefit the charity. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather; it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 63!

After listening back to the episode Alia has asked us to make the following statement:

I’m regretful and would like to redact my statements, and ask everyone listening to disregard my comments about mental illness. They’re incorrect/lacking context and they further stigmatize people who are typically not violent and don’t need to be cast in that kind of light.

That’s not even the part we cut out, soooooo….

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