WWE Studios/Lionsgate Release First Full Leprechaun Trailer

LeprechaunI’ve got to admit, I had no expectations for WWE Studios & Lionsgate’s Leprechaun: Origins, a reboot of the horror cult classic Leprechaun. I’m actually pretty excited now, I mean it’s WWE so it’s probably still incredibly racist, and all together mishandled; but this trailer looks like Pumpkinhead meets Texas Chainsaw, meets Wrong Turn…in Ireland.

Still not getting my hopes up, but I’m Irish, so I’ll probably see it…and I’ll probably be drunk and think it was great. Look for it in theathers and VOD August 26, and DVD on September 30. Continue reading for the trailer. Continue reading

First Leprechaun Origins Clip Coming St Paddy’s Day


We’ve seen the Leprechaun go through some shit, we saw him pogo stick all over some dude, he went to the hood, to space, to Vegas, the vatican, and he managed to not get hypnotized by Jennifer Aniston’s nipples constantly poking through her shirt. Well, get ready kiddies, because in Leprechaun: Origins, he’s a wrasslin!

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about Leprechaun: Origins, which is set to reboot the Leprechaun franchise. Today, we have an announcement to share so read on for details! Continue reading