Fox To Bring Back X-Files

X_Files_Wallpaper_by_inane_artWell, everything else is getting rebooted, remade, and sequelfied; why not The X-Files?

Following the success of Fox’s 24 limited series, the network is looking to bring back another iconic drama series, The X-Files. Fox TV Group chairman Gary Newman today confirmed chatter that the network is in talks for a new installment of Chris Carter’s cult supernatural drama, which starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Newman went on to say he was “hopeful” about the outcome. Continue reading

Surprise Surprise, The Ring To Get Reboot

ring_7It seems like the only news I’m posting right now is about remakes, reboots and re-imaginings, and this post will be no different.

TheWrap is reporting that casting is underway on Rings, which is the latest installment in The Ring franchise.

“Rings” is also the name of the short – directed by TCM 2 and TMNTs’ Jonathan Liebesman – that accompanied the purchase of The Ring 2 on home video in 2005. Continue reading

Escape From New York Reboot Back On

snake-plissken-chroniclesOk, so it’s not horror news, but Kurt Russell news will get just as much attention here, until the day comes where I’m not the only one doing news.

After years in development and a trip to turnaround, Fox has emerged from competitive bidding and closed a deal to remake the 1981 John Carpenter-directed cult classic Escape From New York, Deadline was the first to report.

Carpenter will be an executive producer and will exert creative influence over the project. Continue reading

Teenage Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the Way

leatherface_refA new Texas Chainsaw Massacre was on the way, as confirmed by The Wrap.

They learned who is behind the screenplay: Black List scribe Seth M. Sherwood, who will be penning the teenage years of Leatherface.

The new incarnation will take place before Tobe Hooper’s 1974 cult classic, making it a massive franchise prequel. Continue reading

Scream TV Show Casting Announcement & Spoiler

ghostface-scream-NECA-819x1024Some major news hit Up and Comers, who reports that casting is complete on MTV’s Scream series, based on the franchise created by Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson.

John Karna, Carlson Young and model Amadeus Serafini are among the top choices to lead MTV’s series pilot, says the site who also adds that “at least one of these characters — who may be played by Karna, Young and Sarafini — will not survive to see the end of the first season.Continue reading

WWE Studios/Lionsgate Release First Full Leprechaun Trailer

LeprechaunI’ve got to admit, I had no expectations for WWE Studios & Lionsgate’s Leprechaun: Origins, a reboot of the horror cult classic Leprechaun. I’m actually pretty excited now, I mean it’s WWE so it’s probably still incredibly racist, and all together mishandled; but this trailer looks like Pumpkinhead meets Texas Chainsaw, meets Wrong Turn…in Ireland.

Still not getting my hopes up, but I’m Irish, so I’ll probably see it…and I’ll probably be drunk and think it was great. Look for it in theathers and VOD August 26, and DVD on September 30. Continue reading for the trailer. Continue reading

Warner Bros. Rebooting Gremlins, Childhoods Ruined

gremlins2_4Did you wake up this morning and think, “My childhood hasn’t completely been destroyed yet.”? Neither did we, but that’s not going to stop Warner Bros. from trying to poo poo on what little we have left.

In an article over at Aint it Cool News discussing a second Goonies, they tease that Warner Bros. Pictures is moving quickly on rebooting Joe Dante’s Steven Spielberg-produced Gremlins, which doesn’t come as much of a shocker considering it has been rumored for years.

Pumpkinhead Being Rebooted By Original Producer

pumpkinhead1The Tracking Board has reported effects legend Stan Winston could see his 1988 Pumpkinhead rebooted!

The original Pumpkinhead was produced by the De Laurentiis Entertainment Group headed up by Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis. De Laurentiis went on to produce Hannibal and Red Dragon. For the rest of the franchise, the Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA) headed up by Brad Krevoy took the reins and is now back to produce the rebooted series, explains the site.

This could turn out to be really awesome, unless Pumpkinhead is CG.

Ghostbusters Reboot Loses Director

GBwallpaperI don’t believe in devine intervention, but the universe is sending constant signs that this Ghostbusters reboot shouldn’t happen!

A recent Deadline exclusive, revealed the latest in a long line of setbacks for the third installment of this classic franchise; the departure of director Ivan Reitman.  In the wake of the death of his close friend and original Ghostbuster Harold Ramis, Reitman announced he’d rather just produce the film, just as Sony announced a projected 2015 start of production. Check out the entire story here.