Amazing Minimalist Horror Movie Posters

The-Shining-730x1128Artist Tommy St. James has created 10 minimalist posters that promote horror films using iconic props contained within. No words, no titles, no catchphrases, just images. The end result are fantastic posters that demand you take a second to think, recalling the film and the scene from which the props are taken. It’s a great way to pay homage to the films without giving away the answer right away.

St. James tells me that the posters were created using, “…a mix of photography, illustration, and digital media.” Continue reading for a gallery of these 10 incredible posters and see if you can figure them all out! Continue reading

Nick Frost’s Directorial Debut To Be Horror Short

Nick-FrostNick Frost (Shaun Of The Dead) has announced he direct a horror short he wrote earlier this year. No plot details or title have been released.

Frost on directing, “Our films, we have so much say in terms of how it should be done. Not with Edgar (Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz) — Edgar’s different because he’s a savant and has worked out every possible angle before we even got to set, but the things I do without Edgar, people are always happy for you to pipe up and say, ‘Hey, maybe we should shoot this here.’