Ep 70 The Battery Revisited – Who Goes There Podcast

TheBatteryAlternatePosterAnd it all comes full circle. When we started this show, we decided the first movie we wanted to do, we came up with a name, created an email address and contacted the director of said movie all while at a baseball game. Now here we are, on our third birthday, returning to our roots. That’s right we’ve finally got Chris Franco to watch The Battery! We take a look back at the film that started it all and see if after 3 years it still holds up. We also discuss the massive shit Eli Roth is trying to take, the horrible things Alia does for love, how absolutely disgusting Matt is, oh, and we debut a brand new theme song from San Diego horror punk band Batlords! Does Franco realize the greatness of The Battery? Is Mickey still a giant bitch? Does Jorge make it through an episode without losing his shit? Hey, you leave my god damn hair alone! It’s the grey, the bald and the ugly!

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