EP 69.5 The 69ing – Who Goes There Podcast

TeethFinalTurqFrights and Pints has finally come and gone. Man that was a lot of work! As a result of the charity event we didn’t have time to do our usual episode, so you get this. We’re bringing you episode 69.5 The 69ing. We talk a little about the highs and lows of the Frights & Pints weekend, and then we get into a butt load of news. Including but not limited to: John Carpenter returning to Halloween, good ole’ Stevie King’s thoughts on the Dark Tower movie, a death, a departure, a tank topped bad ass, and clunky hint at some things coming up on episode 70. Take what you get, and be happy about it. Sounds nasty. But you seem to be holding up pretty well. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast doing The 69ing.

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