Who Goes There Podcast – “Minisode” Walking Dead Season 4 Review

TheWalkingDeadWallpaper4A while back we were sitting around with our buddy Carlos “Warm Babies” Bielma discussing the Walking Dead Season 4 and decided to record a fun “season wrap-up mini episode”, then shit got stupid and it turned into a “full length mini episode”.

Now, before you go whining and say “the season ended well over a month ago!”, we’d like to say, “shut your stupid face”! If you’ve listened to one of the previous episodes with Carlos, you’d understand it’s taken us that long to edit this trainwreck. We also try out “Dock Street Walker“, a beer made specifically for the season finale by the fine folks at Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia. They were kind enough to send us a couple of bottles of the American pale stout, made with cranberries with roasted goat brains. Yeah, goat brains.

So grab a beer (you’re gonna need it), and find out once again, why we swear we’ll never have Carlos back on the show. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast Walking Dead Season 4 wrap-up minisode.

Walking Dead Beer Brewed w/ Real Goat Brains

dock-street-brewing-walker-600x600In what may be the most metal, horrific, and all around bad ass news I’ve ever heard; Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing is releasing “Walker”, a Walking Dead inspired American pale stout brewed with roasted goat brains! Yeah, you read the correctly, if you’ve always wanted to act like a zombie, but didn’t wanna do the jail time for cannibalism, now you can. The beer will be released March 30 to coincide with the season finale of The Walking Dead. Continue reading for the press release. Continue reading