Ep 68 Green Room w/Miguel Rodriguez (Horrible Imaginings Film Fest) – Who Goes There Podcast

Green-Room-new-poster-2016-movie-2Get ready ’cause this shit is about to get heavy, we just settled all our lawsuits, ooooooooh Debbie, noooooooooo. Right now, there is a film in theaters whose name is on everyone’s lips. No we’re not talking about that big budget, Disney superhero flick. We’re talking about Green Room! We all have deep seeded, punk rock roots, and let me tell you, this movie is the real deal! Joined by the king of obscure references, Miguel Rodriguez (Horrible Imaginings Film Fest), we talk about what you gotta do to get by on the road, sitting down to pee, the appropriate time to apply war paint, desert island bands, mashup potential and a whole lot more. No one messes around wit’ my man, Leroy. I’m gonna cut you, white-meat! It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 68!

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Jason Voorhees Stars in The Menzingers New Video

menzScranton, PA’s The Menzingers have just released their new video for “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore“. The video features none other than Jason Voorhees doing his best Stewart Smalley impression while trying not to be an asshole anymore. What a quitter.

Check out the video in the comments, and pick up the bands new album “Rented World” out today on Epitaph Records. Continue reading