Who Goes There?! Podcast Episode 10 – The Thing 1982/2011 (The Birthday Episode)

Kurt Russell is Fuckin BadassHappy fuckin birthday! We’re big boys now, and we’re celebrating our 10th episode (as well as Mikey and Jorge’s birthdays) with the film that inspired the name of our podcast The Thing! This film is truly a classic piece of cinema history, and we gush all over both the 1982 John Carpenter classic, as well as the 2011 prequel. There’s still plenty of horrible, blue collar jokes, beer, belching, and geeking out to shock and offend your friends and family. Check out our Facebook to win a sweet The Thing prize pack, and watch along with our 30 Nights of Horror movie marathon. Come back next time when we discuss the creepy new Michael Cera flick Magic Magic.

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