Ep 75 Purge Election Year – Who Goes There Podcast

purge_4_1200_1776_81_sWell, the good ole US of A had herself a little birthday. And wouldn’t you know it, we just partied the only way you can party when sweet lady liberty gets another notch in her belt. As a result, we missed an episode last week. Like most of America we drank some beers, ate some Thai food, watched soccer, and we Purged. That’s right, we saw The Purge: Election Year so you don’t have to. We also talk about Chris’ week from Hell (American), Matt is too stupid or stoned to properly insult Jorge (American), Boysetsfire releases the dogs (American af), and we perv on cosplay girls (Japanese, but America is trying). Don’t tell me my business, devil woman! It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 75!

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Who Goes There Podcast Episode 58 – Feast w/ Miguel Rodriguez

hqdefaultIt’s been a long long time since we’ve done a monster movie, so we set out to remedy that early in 2016 with the over the top Feast!

We also welcome our first guest of the new year – he’s the curator of the Horrible Imagining’s film fest, and is doing his damnedest to bring horror back into the theaters, our buddy Miguel Rodriguez.

Does Chris do incredible impressions? Does Matt make us wonder why he’s even here? Does Jorge lose his shit…again? Tune in to find out. The answer is yes….yes to all the things. Aw man! The monsters are doing it doggy style. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 58!

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Who Goes There Podcast Episode 41 – Bloodsucka Jones

maxresdefaultMy, oh my. Where did the time go? I must have just been so excited for this episode that I fainted and just now posted this. But like your sister’s period, better late than never. This episode we’ve got boobs, disco vampires, exploding children, cleavage, shower threesomes, midgets, (was there a midget? There could have been.) polo street gangs, breasts, and buckets of blood! But wait, there’s more! Listen to the episode now, and not one, not two, but THREE of your hosts will give you their thoughts on 2013’s Bloodsucka Jones! So don’t delay, listen today! We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound fine? It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 41!

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Idiot Teacher Convicted of Felonies For Showing ABC’s of Death

1204689_ABCs-of-Death-1A former Columbus City Schools substitute teacher was convicted this morning of four felony counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, reports The Columbus Dispatch.

The madness began when a substitute teacher showed Drafthouse Films and Magnet Releasing’s The ABCs of Death to several Spanish classes at East High School in Columbus, Ohio. She claims she did not watch the movie prior to showing the classes, and thought the film was in Spanish. The best part is: she claims she had her back turned each time she showed the film, and was unaware of what was on the screen. I hope she actually got convicted of being a fuckin idiot. Continue reading

Horror Short “Brutal Relax” May Be The Best Thing Ever

brutalrelaxA while back, a good friend of ours turned us on to an absolutely brilliant horror short called Brutal Relax from 2010. The insanely funny/gory short is only about 15 minutes long, but it’s one of the best things you’ll see all week. At the risk of ruining it, I’m not going to tell you what it’s about, you can just thank us later. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Return of the Killer Klown…Prank

Killer_Klowns_from_outer_space_by_MakinitaA few weeks back we posted a hilarious video of a creepy clown, waiting for unsuspecting passerbys and “crushing the head” of a dummy with a mallet and then chasing his new victims. Obviously this video was huge, so huge in fact he’s back for round 2!

Watch the video in the comments. On a side note, how long before we hear about one of these guys getting knocked out? Continue reading

Who Goes There Podcast ep 23 – Amerikan Holokaust w/ Amigo The Devil

AmerikanHolokaust_PosterWe’ve seen and said some really horrible things on this podcast over the last year, all of that is child’s play compared to what transpired this time. Our good friend Danny (Amigo The Devil) was in town from tour so we decided to bring him and Hayley back on the show. We had a lovely day full of home cooking, beers, lots of laughs, and they thanked us by showing us Amerikan Holokaust; the most vile, disgusting, low budget, gore and nudity filled film we’ve ever covered on the Who Goes There Podcast. You’ll learn about fourth meal, how to make a turtleneck for your turtle, learn a killer chili recipe, and hear our guests break Jorge. Sometimes, sometimes ya just gotta eat the doo-doo, it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 23.


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Awesome Killer Klown Prank

Killer_Klowns_from_outer_space_by_MakinitaNothing is quite as fun as a good hearted prank. Nothing, that is, except for a cruel, mean spirited prank that leaves the pranked with wet trousers. That exactly what we get in this aweomse killer clown prank that has been making it’s rounds on the internet.

Man, I really hope the internet never tires of seeing people make asses of themselves. Continue reading

Who Goes There?! Podcast Episode 16 – Gettin Shitty w/ ThreeBZine

Three B ZineHello there chiiiiiildren! We took a different approach to the episode this week, we were having drinks with our buddy Cody from ThreeBZine.com. and decided “Hey! We’ve had tons of beers, why not do a podcast?!” So we did, and it’s amazing. We don’t do a movie review this time around. Instead, we talk horror news, movies that have scared us, what we want from horror movies, and a lot more. Find out why Jorge feels guilty for banging weenie, what Matt is actually good for, and all kinds of other dumb shit you’ll lose brain cells hearing. Tune in next time when we still do whatever we want; because in a land of crap, we’re the shit!

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Who Goes There?! Podcast Episode 15 – Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Paranormal Activity The Marked OnesIt is my unfortunate duty to report; despite making it through 2013 without a Paranormal Activity film, this year we will have not one, but two. Armed with this knowledge, and a massive hangover from Three Kings Day, we take a look at Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (Cheech’s Revenge). We all know the best way to revive a dying franchise is to give it an overly ethnic spinoff. So come along as we kick this shit off like gang busters! You’ll find out what tequilla no real Mexican drinks, learn all about “squaxing”, catch a sneak peak at the new “Call of Duty: Witches” and find out why Mikey is the most white Mexican you’ve never met. Put on your boots, boys and girls, we’re layin it on thick! It’s the Who Goes There?! Podcast. Tune in next time when we talk about “Here Comes The Devil” with special guest Lauren Ashley Carter!

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