Ep186: Halloween – WGT

Happy Halloween! We totally held back this episode just so we could release it on Halloween! Isn’t that smart and spooky of us? We hope you’ve got your costume, your candy and some time to kill because your favorite idiots are about to discuss 2018’s Halloween! (Review starts at 31:56)

Ever since the announcement of the newest installment in the franchise the horror world has been split right down the middle. While some welcome a fresh perspective on the original, many are fans are upset that their precious franchise has been changed. What did we think? Who fuckin cares?!

This guy’s not gonna leak all over my ice cream, is he? It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 186!

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Who Goes There Podcast Episode 52 – Tales of Halloween

Tales-of-Halloween-New-PosterHalloween has come and gone, we all drank too much, got a little slutty and filled our bellies with enough sugar to kill a small horse (bye bye lil’ Sebastian). We woke up from our sugar comas just in time to bring you a brand spanking new episode of the Who Goes There Podcast! We start off talking about throat fucking Tori Spelling and things only go downhill from there. We talk about being guests on the Three B Zine Podcast, our trip to the Telluride Horror Show, we explain why we didn’t review the new Kurt Russell horror western Bone Tomahawk and then we DO review the newest (and bestest?) horror anthology Tales of Halloween. We also announce our first ever t-shirt (up for pre-order now here) and our next Frights & Pints Movie Night! Sometimes dead is better…it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 52!

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Help Crowd Source Rob Zombie’s “31”

RobZombie31Musician-turned-director Rob Zombie has official announced his Halloween-themed horror 31, which turns out to be a crowd-sourced effort. I’d pay him $1000 to NOT put his wife in this movie.

The film revolves around five people kidnapped in the days leading up to Halloween.

As with all crowd-sourced projects, there are different tiers that land backers different rewards, such as an autographed movie poster, autographed DVD, thanks in the credits, lifetime access to every Rob Zombie show, and more. Continue reading

“On Set With John Carpenter” Boasts Never Before Seen Halloween Photos

On-Set-with-John-Carpenter-by-Kim-Gottlieb-WalkerNow available for pre-order on Amazon is “On Set with John Carpenter”, a new book featuring never-before-seen photography from his classics including Halloween.

Explains the release: “As a hot new maverick director/writer John Carpenter invited photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker onto the sets of some of his most iconic films: Halloween, Halloween II, The Fog, Christine and Escape From New York. Continue reading

Halloween: The Complete Collection Box Revealed

hccps300dpi-emailAs a special Friday the 13th treat, Anchor Bay and Scream Factory have revealed the box art for the beyond epic Halloween: The Complete Collection, which slashes onto Blu-ray September 23rd. It comes in two different sets, one with 10 discs and the other with 15, but the deluxe version is most certainly the way to go since it contains restored versions of alternate cuts of many of the films.

Continue reading for full details. Continue reading

Finally! A Boxset With Every Halloween Film!

funnymyersWhelp, I can kiss another $170 goodbye. Anchor Bay and Scream Factory will release Halloween: The Complete Collection on Blu-ray September 23rd. It comes in two different sets, one with 10 discs and the other with 15, but the deluxe version is most certainly the way to go since it contains restored versions of alternate cuts of many of the films, including the incredibly rare Halloween 6 Producers Cut, which is almost a completely different film from the theatrical release. Continue reading

Halloween 3 is Official, and 3D…Yeah, For Real.

hqdefaultIf you somehow enjoyed the Rob Zombie steaming pile of prequel/remake of the 1978 John Carpenter classic Halloween, you’ll probably be excited to know Halloween 3D has been rumored, confirmed, and announced. Sometimes reboots are awesome (Friday the 13th), sometimes they’re terrible (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and sometimes you’re force fed a big bag of doo doo. Sometimes, you just gotta eat the doo doo. Continue reading

Who Goes There?! Podcast Episode 16 – Gettin Shitty w/ ThreeBZine

Three B ZineHello there chiiiiiildren! We took a different approach to the episode this week, we were having drinks with our buddy Cody from ThreeBZine.com. and decided “Hey! We’ve had tons of beers, why not do a podcast?!” So we did, and it’s amazing. We don’t do a movie review this time around. Instead, we talk horror news, movies that have scared us, what we want from horror movies, and a lot more. Find out why Jorge feels guilty for banging weenie, what Matt is actually good for, and all kinds of other dumb shit you’ll lose brain cells hearing. Tune in next time when we still do whatever we want; because in a land of crap, we’re the shit!

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Who Goes There?! Podcast Episode 15 – Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Paranormal Activity The Marked OnesIt is my unfortunate duty to report; despite making it through 2013 without a Paranormal Activity film, this year we will have not one, but two. Armed with this knowledge, and a massive hangover from Three Kings Day, we take a look at Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (Cheech’s Revenge). We all know the best way to revive a dying franchise is to give it an overly ethnic spinoff. So come along as we kick this shit off like gang busters! You’ll find out what tequilla no real Mexican drinks, learn all about “squaxing”, catch a sneak peak at the new “Call of Duty: Witches” and find out why Mikey is the most white Mexican you’ve never met. Put on your boots, boys and girls, we’re layin it on thick! It’s the Who Goes There?! Podcast. Tune in next time when we talk about “Here Comes The Devil” with special guest Lauren Ashley Carter!

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