Who Goes There Podcast Frights & Pints Movie Night: The Second Coming

1379610_399360636884974_3385747655667309622_nThis weekend is our second Who Goes There Podcast: Frights & Pints Movie Night! If you missed the last one, what happens is, we take over the beautiful outdoor patio at The Ugly Dog Pub (6344 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115) and show a sweet horror movie on the projector. We have drink specials, giveaways, free pizza, and a chance to meet other cool horror lovers. This month we’re showing the cult classic Killer Klowns From Outer Space!

Admission is free, every drink purchase gets you a raffle ticket to win awesome horror prizes. We’ll have our Who Goes There Podcast beer coozies for sale for $3, there’s free pizza for those who come early, and retro video games on the projector after the movie, so come get your Mario Kart on, while drinking beer outside! Best part is, it’s dog friendly, I’m bringing my main bitch!


Who Goes There?! Podcast Episode 16 – Gettin Shitty w/ ThreeBZine

Three B ZineHello there chiiiiiildren! We took a different approach to the episode this week, we were having drinks with our buddy Cody from ThreeBZine.com. and decided “Hey! We’ve had tons of beers, why not do a podcast?!” So we did, and it’s amazing. We don’t do a movie review this time around. Instead, we talk horror news, movies that have scared us, what we want from horror movies, and a lot more. Find out why Jorge feels guilty for banging weenie, what Matt is actually good for, and all kinds of other dumb shit you’ll lose brain cells hearing. Tune in next time when we still do whatever we want; because in a land of crap, we’re the shit!

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Who Goes There?! Podcast Episode 11 – American Horror Story: Coven and Walking Dead Season 4 Premiers

What happened to Beans?!Sorry for the delay in bringing you this episode, we weren’t happy with our original episode 11, and decided to scrap and record a whole new episode. This week we talk about coprophagia, interracial relations, birth defects, and what happened to Beans from Even Stevens. At some point we take a look at the season premiers of American Horror Story: Coven, and fan favorite, The Walking Dead. Joined this week by Carlos and Alia, this episode is exactly what you’ve come to expect from this show; complete chaos. Tune in next time when we review something we probably didn’t plan on reviewing.

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