Ep 67 – The Slashening – Who Goes There Podcast

downloadI’m completely dumbfounded that we have only covered one Troma film in our three years as a show and we’re fixing that right meow! If you don’t know Troma then buckle up, buttercup! Troma films are jam packed with terrible acting, horrible plots, cringe worthy dialogue, tons of boobs and buckets of blood! This week’s film is no exception. We get our hands dirty with 2015’s The Slashening and things get nanners (or taters if that floats your boat). We also talk about the aftermath of Texas Frightmare Weekend, Puppet Master news, more…fuckin…Ghostbusters (it’s not going away) and giggle at the new Bloodsucka Jones vs The Creeping Death trailer. Your mouth would make an interesting urinal; it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 67!

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Debut of Mondo’s Poster For Texas Frightmare Weekend

TEXASFRIGHTMARE14EXPOSTNEWSFANGORIA is partnered with Texas Frightmare Weekend, the Southwest’s hottest horror event, and this morning they revealed the debut of the latest poster from the folks at Mondo. Iconic genre artist Gary Pullin created the poster, which combines imagery from George A. Romero’s awn of the Dead and Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. Both classics are being celebrated at this year’s Texas Frightmare, which runs May 2-4 in Dallas Continue reading