Ep200: Alien & Father’s Day – WGT

When we started the Who Goes There Podcast in the Spring of 2013 our goal was to introduce people to the insane movies that we love, especially the more obscure films. As of late we have lost our way a bit and fallen into reviewing every Hollywood horror film that is released, regardless of if we even want to watch it. For episode 200, we said, “fuck that noise!”

That’s right, slap nuts! For episode 200 we’re kicking off Februwiener the right way by fluffing ourselves and our egos! This week we’re doing two movies; we’re doing “the ultimate Matt and Jorge movies”! Each of us picked a movie that we feel best captures what we love about horror and we’re cramming it in to one girthy ass…episode.

First we kick things off with 1979’s Alien (Review starts at 31:30), then we get zany as fuck with the 2011 Troma release Father’s Day (Review at 1:01:00)

You want a dick month? We’ll give you dick month! Starting with the Who Goes There Podcast episode 200!

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Ep 67 – The Slashening – Who Goes There Podcast

downloadI’m completely dumbfounded that we have only covered one Troma film in our three years as a show and we’re fixing that right meow! If you don’t know Troma then buckle up, buttercup! Troma films are jam packed with terrible acting, horrible plots, cringe worthy dialogue, tons of boobs and buckets of blood! This week’s film is no exception. We get our hands dirty with 2015’s The Slashening and things get nanners (or taters if that floats your boat). We also talk about the aftermath of Texas Frightmare Weekend, Puppet Master news, more…fuckin…Ghostbusters (it’s not going away) and giggle at the new Bloodsucka Jones vs The Creeping Death trailer. Your mouth would make an interesting urinal; it’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 67!

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The Toxic Avenger Gets 30th Anniversary Blu-ray

toxic_avenger_by_kevnk-d2z746dTroma has announced it will be giving everyone’s favorite, mutated janitor: The Toxic Avenger, the Blu-ray treatment. No street date has been announced, but they have released some of the special features:

*Special introduction by Troma honcho Lloyd Kaufman
*New commentary track with Lloyd Kaufman
*Additional commentary track with stars Robert Prichard, Continue reading